First Things First..You Are The Captain Of Your Investment Ship

I want to be very clear from the get-go as we start this journey to financial freedom together. You and you alone are responsible for your own financial future. Whether you are just at the beginning or you are a baby boomer looking to retire, you are responsible for your financial future. No one else is going to take that responsibility. Not me, not the government, not your advisors, but you.

It is you that will have to fund your lifestyle, both now and into the future. And let’s be honest that future is longggggg. Australia is in the top 10 OCED countries in regards to life expectancy with an average life expectancy at birth being 82.4 in 2014 (per the Australian Governments AIHW website) and these numbers appear to not be slowing down any time soon. With technological advancements and new health treatments, the fact is we, on average, are going to live for a very very long time. 

The beauty of Australia’s society is that we all have the opportunity to self-start our own success. The path you take is personal and you need to be prepared to take on this responsibility to build a better life for your family (or future family) and yourself.

I have lost money, and I have made money and the biggest lesson I have learnt during both the ups and downs is that no one looks after your money better than you do. There is no tried and true formula for success when investing. You are responsible for generating your own ideas for investments and responsible for construing action and monitoring outcomes.

While part of the investment process is consulting advisors (Solicitors, Accountants, Bankers, Stock Brokers, Real Estate Agents), it is you who ultimately has to personalise your investments by absorbing and evaluating information, making decisions and taking actions. 

I’m not here to sell you a get rich quick scheme. I don’t have any affiliate deals to promote investment products or services. I am here to provide a FREE framework of reference for all of you to take responsibility for your own finances.

I want to give hope and empowerment for any of you who wish to take control and change your financial future. 

As the late, great Marilyn Ferguson once said – “On the other side of fear is freedom.”

Let’s go get that Freedom.

Credit: I would like to thank a mentor of mine Gregg Russell (Author of “The Lifetime Money Machine” and founder of “Smart Millionaire”) who gave me the motivation and confidence to back myself to change my future. His book is a must read when it comes out later this year.


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